41 Inch Braiding Hair 2M No 60 - White


41 Inch Braiding Hair 2M No 60 – White

Colour: 60 – White
Type: 41 Inch Single Tone Synthetic Braiding Extension Hair
Length: Long 41 Inches, 104cm folded / 82 Inches opened
Pieces: 2 pieces of 41″ braiding hair per pack
Manafacture: Angel Kenya
Weight: approx 130g per piece/260g per pack
Can be used for Box Braids, Dutch Braids, Cornrow Braids, Twist and many more.

2M can be cut to achieve your desired length to suit your style giving you great value

2M is high-quality itch-free and antibacterial fibre. It is also tangle-free and super light on your head.

Hot water use to seal/finish.

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