Mega Growth - Regular Strength No-lye Relaxer


Profectiv Touch Up New Growth Relaxer Kit Regular

Ultimate anti-breakage protection (for quick easy touch ups). Specially developed for quick, easy, gentle touch-ups for areas that require more frequent straightening – temples, edges, nape. The Ultimate Protection to safeguard frequently relaxed hair from over processing damage while beautifully straightening new growth.

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Profectiv Mega Growth Anti-Damage Regular Strength No-Lye Relaxer 2 Application

The MegaGrowth Creme On Creme Relaxer System includes an ultimate protective blend of natural oils and conditioning proteins in every step, helping to defend against breakage, split-ends and dryness. The MegaGrowth System enhances elasticity and movement, increasing the strength of relaxed hair by up to 100%. You’ll notice the difference: Stronger, Longer, Healthier Looking Hair.

• Regular Strength

• Strengthening Conditioners In Every Step

• Premeasured for Safety & Convenience

• Ultimate Protection From Temples To Ends

2 Touch-up Applications or 1 Full Head Application


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