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Braid Black/Brown 24 Inch Prepulled Kanekalon - Abuja 2/30

Braid Black/Brown 24 Inch Prepulled Kanekalon - Abuja 2/30

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24 Inch Prepulled Kanekalon Braiding Hair Abuja 2/30 - Black/Brown

Colour: 2/30 - Black/Brown
Type: 24 Inch Single Tone Synthetic Braiding Extension Hair
Fibre: 100% Kanekalon
Length: 24 Inches Prepulled/Feathered
Manufacturer: Darling Kenya
Weight: approx 75g

Darling pre-stretched/feathered braids can be used for multiple styles such as box braids, dutch braids, twist braids, feed in cornrows/Ghanaian style and many more.
Kanekalon fibre is very smooth, tangle-free and really easy to work with.
To finish your box braids or other styles you can use either hot water or melt method. Has great volume and is flame retardant.

This hair will help you save a lot of time, no pre-stretching and doesn't tangle when you work with it, this is 100% true Kanekalon hair.

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