Afrihair Xpression Colour 1b - Black

Afrihair Xpression Colour 1b  - Black | Afrihair

Afrihair Xpression Colour 1b - Black


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Product Overview:

Unveil your beauty and amplify your style with Afrihair's Xpression Black, made from 41-inch Kanekalon Fiber. Specially designed for people who seek the perfect blend of natural texture and exceptional durability, our Xpression Black embodies elegance in its purest form.


  • Kanekalon Fiber: Made from the Kanekalon fibers to ensure the utmost durability and realistic texture.

  • 41 Inches of Excellence: The generous length provides ample room for a multitude of styling possibilities, from classic braids to intricate patterns.

  • Fade-Resistant Color: The luscious black shade maintains its vibrancy through washes and daily activities, complementing all skin tones beautifully.

  • Lightweight & Comfortable: Our fibers are soft and feather-light, ensuring your comfort even during extended wear.

  • Hot Water Set: Easily set with just hot water.

Styling Ideas:

  • Box Braids
  • Senegalese Twists
  • Cornrows / Dutch Braids

Afrihair Xpression Colour 1b - Black


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