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French Curl Braiding Hair - Colour T27 - Black/Golden Blonde

French Curl Braiding Hair - Colour T27 - Black/Golden Blonde

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French Curl Braiding Hair - Colour: T27 - Black/Golden Blonde

Ready to rock bouncy, beautiful braids that turn heads? Our French Curl Braiding Hair in black to golden blonde is your key to stunning styles like box braids and goddess locs, offering 24 inches of cascading natural-looking curls without the need for hot water setting.

Key Features:

  • Length & Weight: Each pack contains 24 inches of pre-curled hair, weighing a comfortable 150 grams. The length is measured as curled, ensuring you get the full, luxurious length you desire.
  • Style Versatility: Our French Curls are incredibly versatile, suitable for classic box braids and the ethereal goddess hair style. Please note, they are not recommended for crochet install method.
  • Effortless Maintenance: No hot water is needed for these curls. Simply braid them in, and you're set with bouncy curls that maintain their shape and vibrance.
  • Texture & Appearance: Experience the bouncy and soft texture of our hair, designed to mimic a natural curling wave. The ends are crafted to create a natural-looking curl pattern, commonly known as loose silk wave curls, spiral curls, and pony style curls.
  • Preparation Tips: To ensure the best experience, lightly spray the hair with water or apply a small amount of hair oil/moisturizer before use. This helps to separate the strands and minimize tangling.
  • Quantity for Full Head: Achieve a full, rich look with approximately 3 packs, although the exact number may vary depending on the braider and the chosen style.

Elevate your hair game with our French Curl Braiding Hair – the perfect accessory for a chic, sophisticated look.

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